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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Rock Chick

Blazer jacket
2,075 PHP -

Miss Selfridge high heel booties
4,550 PHP -

Design Lab faux leather bag
3,945 PHP -

Spitfire oval glasses
2,165 PHP -

Clé de Peau Beauté liquid eye liner
2,780 PHP -


Monday, 11 December 2017

Girl Boss

Topshop turtle neck top
3,430 PHP -

Satin jacket
1,815 PHP -

Emilio Pucci silk pants
13,660 PHP -

Givenchy strappy heeled sandals
49,240 PHP -

London Fog handbag
3,280 PHP -

MCM brown glasses
13,875 PHP -

Casetify clear iphone case
2,020 PHP -


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Flowery Autumn

Flower printed dress
1,570 PHP -

LOFT mid-heel shoes
4,525 PHP -

Glitter handbag
1,315 PHP -

David yurman bangle
480,415 PHP -

Bony Levy yellow gold stud earrings
50,315 PHP -

Powder blush
1,365 PHP -

Coral color wall art
650 PHP -


Monday, 4 December 2017

One Sequin At A Time

Skater dress
1,960 PHP -

Forever 21 black shoes
1,250 PHP -

Glitter purse
400 PHP -

Anton Heunis pearl jewelry
5,075 PHP -

Charlotte Russe gold jewelry
210 PHP -

BBrowBar eyebrow makeup
1,150 PHP -

Burberry nail polish
1,015 PHP -


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

3 Fabulous Ways To Wear The Army Green Color | Lookbook Store
As the temperature drops, there are a few things that you obviously need to take care of. And of those is your wardrobe. Of course, you would want to keep warm but stay stylish at the same time. Along with the changes in your clothes’ style, you also carefully take into consideration the colors and hues of your outfits. From vibrant bright colors, you start to replace these with neutrals such as brown, black, beige, and grey. While these colors are perfect for this time of year, there will always be days when you would want to wear something different. That’s when the color army green comes in. We’re sure that a lot of you would think twice about wearing this color. But surely there are ways to make this color really fabulous and chic. Trust us, ladies! Scroll down and learn about a few tips on how to rock the army green color.

Team it up with black.

Black and army green definitely look perfect together. In fact, there is no good excuse not to wear this combo if you have both colors in your wardrobe. As we all know, black is a universal color and you can wear it with any color without virtually hurting your style. But this, army green couple with black is just so fabulous. This combination has just the right amount of tough and cute making it a real winner.

Army Green Draped Blazer | Blushing Geek

Wear it in a girly way.

I know what you are exactly thinking of. How could the color army green be possibly girly? When it comes to being feminine, this color might not seem so appealing because it is closer to giving off the tough military vibe. But it doesn’t mean that girls who like being sweet and ladylike can’t enjoy wearing this gorgeous color. The secret to wearing this hue without losing your femininity is choosing army green pieces with girly styles such as skirts and dresses.

Army Green T-Front Long Sleeves Shift Maxi Dress | Lookbook Store

Incorporate it into your street style.

Most of the time, all you need is to get your colors right to slay a certain look. Such is true especially when it comes to street style. Creating a cool tough look for your street style is definitely easy with this color. We can’t definitely think of another color that conveys that badass vibe than army green. Create numerous street style outfits and you will surely come up with something both cool and chic.

Army Green Button-Front Fleece Pullover | Lookbook Store

Brilliant ideas, right? Do you know any other ways to wear army green? Let us know by dropping us a comment.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Fabulously Classy

Floral dress
2,265 PHP -

Sequin cocktail dress
2,265 PHP -

Black shoes
2,000 PHP -

Louis vuitton handbag

Makeup brush
655 PHP -


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Chic Thanksgiving

Evening dress
1,920 PHP -

LE3NO vintage denim jacket
1,970 PHP -

Gucci brown leather shoes
17,855 PHP -

Express fold over purse
1,010 PHP -

1,125 PHP -

Thanksgiving sticker
280 PHP -


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Plaid Thanksgiving

Color block top
1,415 PHP -

J Crew slim fit vest
8,070 PHP -

Jen7 stretchy skinny jeans
8,035 PHP -

Avenue wide ankle boots
2,655 PHP -

Marc Jacobs leather tote handbag
20,210 PHP -

Ray-Ban unisex sunglasses
5,800 PHP -

Improvements leaf wreath
2,525 PHP -


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