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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How to Wear Floral This Summer

Flowers are obviously blooming everywhere. And of course, you’ll love these flowers to be popping out on your pants, skirts, dresses, and more. However, wearing them can be a little tricky. Depending on your style, age, and personality, floral prints can look either cute and pretty or elegant and matronly.

Here are four simple suggestions on how to fabulously wear florals this summer.

# Add a burst of color.

Are you the kind of girl whose wardrobe is filled with mostly solids and dark colors? Adding a burst of summer colors with floral prints can be just what you need to brighten up your ensemble. Wearing a floral item is a great way of making your outfit more interesting and injecting more personality to your look. Perhaps, a sleeveless floral blouse is probably your office blazer’s perfect companion. It refreshes your look while still maintaining the professional vibe. You can also try to switch your solid pencil skirt to a floral printed skirt, then pair it with a solid color tee for a stylish and young-looking warm-weather getup.

# Toughen it.

Don’t worry if you are not that girly girl type. Although floral prints are usually bold and bright, they are very easy to tone down and toughen. Try adding a bit of edge to your super feminine OOTD, and you will be amazed with the results. For example, layer your floral dress with a cool jacket or blazer, and you’ll be nailing a cute tough girl look. Experiment with your floral frocks by throwing on a jacket with heavier materials such as denim or leather. But, if you don’t want to sweat it out, putting on a cap or a pair of lace-up leather booties would be just enough.

# Consider size.

When wearing floral, the size and proportion of the floral pattern to the figure of the one wearing it should also be considered. Large floral patterns can be overwhelming when worn by a petite-figure woman. Tiny prints, on the other hand, can look too dainty for women with larger frames. If the floral print is not repeated all over the garment, check out where the pattern is placed. Remember that bright and bold patterns and colors draws more attention to the area where it is placed, thus, adding more weight to that area.

# Put on some extras.

If you are really not into floral clothing, you can always use floral accessories. They can effortlessly add a feminine touch to your look. Try pairing your ward-robe staple denim pants with floral rubber shoes. Or try your floral flats with your pencil skirt or denim shorts. Add an instant flair to your OOTD by picking up that floral shoulder bag. Floral accessories are indeed one of the must-haves this summer.

That’s it, girls. Now get that flower power, and have a fabulous summer!


  1. This is lovely . floral and summer are friends

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    Have a nice weekend!
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  3. I adore the way you styled your outfit!

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  4. Excellent post, I follow you :)
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  5. Przepiękny Blog *.*
    Coś czuję,że będę wpadała tu częściej <33
    Co powiesz na wspl obserwacje ? :)

  6. Przepiękny Blog *.*
    Coś czuję,że będę wpadała tu częściej <33
    Co powiesz na wspl obserwacje ? :)

  7. great post x

  8. Good post! All the pieces I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!


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