Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Four Colorful Pants Worth Having

I have to admit. I used to have a love-hate relationship with colored pants. Although I adore their funky pop colors,  I  used to end up asking myself, “What am I supposed to wear them with?"

Amazingly, experimenting with different clothes and styles have led me to finding ways on how to wear them better to make me look and feel zingy.

If you're faced with the same sartorial dilemma, here are some of the cutest colored pants that will add a playful edge to your everyday pieces. Plus, some styling tips on the side.

Cool Blue

Pencil Pants - Royal Blue
Pencil Pants - Royal Blue (sold-out)
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If you’re just starting to collect colored pants and you’re not sure yet as to what to buy first, start with the basic. Try a pair of blue colored pants. Blue is close to the natural blue jeans so it makes styling easier. Wear blue pants with a blazer or suit and pair it with a shot of neon for some added fun.

Girly Pink

Pencil Pants - Pink
Pencil Pants - Pink (sold-out)
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Pink pants are the easiest way to create a very girly outfit. Be it bright pink or pastel pink, they all look romantic and subtle. So if your style is feminine, pink is the perfect color choice. And when it comes to styling a pair,  wear pink trousers with a floral print shirt  or something extra girly.

Bright Red

Pencil Pants - Red
Pencil Pants - Red (sold-out)
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Sultry, seductive and sophisticated -- red is the perfect choice if you want to make a bold, fierce fashion statement. If you like to call attention, wear it with something sexy. If you prefer to keep things subtle but elegant, wear a pair with a black-and-white horizontal pin-stripe tee.

Refreshing Green

Pencil Pants - Green
Pencil Pants - Green (sold-out)
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Want something not too girly but not too bold? Opt for green colored pants, like the one above. It can add a fresh spin on casual shirts and is really perfect for creating fun and vibrant outfits. This pair of  green pants look best with anything neutral.

Because  styling is  about being creative, don’t shy away from mixing and matching colors. Don't be afraid to color block such kind of pants, too. If you’re unsure of combining colors, use a color wheel. This sill guide you when it comes to color blocking. Happy styling ladies!

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