Monday, 12 December 2016

3 Tricks on How to Match your Boots with your Dress this Winter

We’re in the season of boots once again. And of course, all of us wants to stay fab in our boots. The big question is “how”. Well, we just need some mixing and matching tricks.
It is quite easy to match our boots with our favorite jeans. But how about when we want to feel a bit feminine and girly? Pull off a fab girly look by perfecting the dress and boots gimmicks.
Here are the things you have to keep in mind when matching your skirt with your boots.
For minis:                    
For most miniskirts or short dresses, both the ankle boots and tall boots usually work. The same is true with mini flowy skirts and dresses. When wearing ankle boots with minis, try pairing it with a top that provides more coverage, and don’t forget the magic brought by the correct choice of hosiery. On the other hand, tops that are not too form-fitting are best for knee high boots.

For midi skirts:
Midi skirts and dresses are sometimes difficult to style for they can usually make you appear shorter. Pairing them with ankle boots is the perfect option. It allows you to show the thinnest part of your legs, thus making you appear taller and leaner.

For long skirts and dresses:
Both ankle boots and knee-high boots are great for long skirts and dresses. Depending on the look you want to pull off, you can interchange the use of each kind of boots. If you want to be a chic cowgirl, go for knee high boots. But if you want to stay cute and girly, go for the ankle boots that will allow you to show off a little bottom leg skin.

More tips:
Another thing that you need to think about when wearing boots especially during winter is your choice of hosiery. It can be confusing especially if you have a lot of choices such as opaque tights, regular tights, colorful tights, or even thin leggings. Remember that dark-colored hosiery can make you look taller. Also, matching the color of your tights to your boots’ color can make your legs appear longer. But if you feel like being adventurous on some days, go and try some colorful tights. Just remember that its color and your dress’ shade should complement with each other.
Hope this helps, ladies. Now, go and wear those boots!


  1. Such a nice tips! For me, I would like to wear over the knee boots with any mini skirt, it will be great I think :)



  2. such great styling tips!

    xx Nicole

  3. great tips on matching boots and dresses. I love to wear dresses in Winter...and naturally the boots are the best option when it comes to colder months.

  4. Boots are certainly great for the cold weather! :D Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


  5. What a cool post!

  6. great post sweety! I always find hard to pair boots with dresses, great tips!

    Check out my latest article "SPA TIME: My Decléor Face Treatment Experience"
    and tell me what do you think about :)

    lots of love,

  7. Fantastic post, I very like your blog :)

    new post

  8. Nice post, I love the idea and thank you for those useful tips ;-)

    XoXo - Vettae

  9. I love wearing ankle boots. You can rock them every season, even when the weather changes, or while traveling. When I was in NYC I wore them with jeans and a dress. :)


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