Friday, 28 December 2018

Three Colors You’d Love to Try This Winter

Three Colors You’d Love to Try This Winter

Who wouldn’t agree when we say that each season, there are certain colors we prefer to wear? For sure, black is a no-brainer in cold season while white and other bright hues definitely scream summer. We often associate specific colors for each season, but of course, it would surely be fun to try something new. Not sticking with your usual colors this winter might require some guts, but trust us. It will make you a standout. So, read on and check out these three pretty colors you can try wearing this winter and how to incorporate them in your winter OOTDs.


Pink is undeniably a sweet, romantic, and feminine color. They come in different shades - pastel, rosy, bright, and others. It is super easy to wear because it fits all skin tones. This winter, bring out the barbie in you and break your dark-colored OOTDs with something totally unexpected such as a pink coat. Not a girly gal? No problem,  flaunt your athleisure style by wearing a pink hoodie like this one below together with your trusty jeans and white sneakers.
LookbookStore Women's Casual V Neck Mesh Panel Blouse Tops 3/4 Bell Sleeve Shirt


Now this is totally unexpected. We’ve seen it in runways this year, and there’s no denying that there is something really posh and attractive about it when worn in winter. And incorporating it in your winter outfits this year is a must! Olive, neon, forest green, emerald – the shade doesn’t really matter. Tone it down by matching it with a neutral color such as black or beige. Or go bold by pairing it off with another bold color such as yellow or pink.

Green Front Pockets Button-Up Cable Knit Cardigan - Lookbook Store


If you want to give your outfit an instant pop of color, do it with orange. It is near this year’s color of the year which is living coral making it a bit popular at this time of the year. But there are certain shades of orange that are perfect even if you are not that girly girly kind of gal. Choose burnt orange or even traffic light orange and you’ll have amazing results.
Luyeess Women's V Neck Blouse Long Bell Sleeve Tops Tie Front Knot Loose Shirt

We won’t make this long, ‘cause we’re sure that you can’t wait to try on these three pretty colors. Got another color you’d like to try this winter? Let us now in the comments.

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