Friday, 3 August 2018

Three Colors That Look Good on Everyone

Have you ever been told not to wear a certain color? To wear only specific set colors? Well, at one point of our life, all of us have been told to do so. And the reason? It is simply because a certain color is not good or flattering for your skin tone. We know it is kind of annoying especially if you like a certain color and it doesn’t fit you.

Good news, gals. It is 2018. And it seems that fashion rules have been on a continuous update. Though we can’t change that fact that thereare colors that do flatter you more than others, we can cheer up knowing that there are colors that are universally flattering no matter what your skin tone is. Check out this list of colors that looks good on almost everyone.


Purple, especially eggplant purple, is such a versatile and luxe shade. It is classic and can act just like any other neutral piece in your wardrobe. Go for purple if you want to start introducing color in your ensembles. It can effortlessly accentuate your skin tone without overpowering it.

Lookbook Store Purple Front Twist Knot Long Sleeves Crew Neck Blouse

Blush or light pink is definitely one of every girl’s favorite. And great news is that it is a universally flattering shade anyone can wear. More good news is that it naturally brightens any skin tone while bringing out your face’s natural glow. So never hesitate when you see another dress or top in this super pretty color.

Lookbook Store Deep Blush Crisscross Cutout Shoulder Blouse

Surprised? Don’t be. ‘Cause this color is universally flattering according to many stylists. It is not too cool and too warm making it great for any skin tone. Not only that. Red has that power that make you look confidence. So, the next time you spot a red top, like this one below, don’t think twice because you sure can slay it.

Lookbook Store Red 3/4 Bell Mesh Panel Sleeves V-Neckline Loose Top

These colors certainly flatter all skin tone simply because they have an equal balance of warm and cool tones. So, there you go. Wear these colors and be proud of your skin tone.

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