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4 Tips on How to Look Chic in that Tunic

4 Tips on How to Look Chic in that Tunic - Lookbook Store
If there is one worthy addition to a woman’s wardrobe that would ensure both comfort and style, that would surely be a tunic! Tunics are tops that are usually simple in design and has the length that stretches somewhere on the hip. Tunics or hip-length blouses, or whatever you call them are most of the time longer than most of women’s blouses but are shorter than dresses. 

This fun ensemble comes in different style, shapes, and lengths and can easily spice up your outfit when worn with fitted jeans. Wearing it the right way can give you that stylish, fun, and modern look. So read on, and check out these tips on how to get the most out of your tunic. 

Choose the most flattering tunic. 

Yes, tunics are meant to be loose, and they are supposed to billow and flow. They should not be snug and body-hugging. However, you should keep in mind that they should be fitted somewhere on the neck and bust, and flowy on the rest, so that you won’t look awkward and shapeless. If you want to look sexy in your tunic, try V-neck neck or plunging neck tunic shirt. 

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Highlight your curves. 

Tunics come in different style. Some have an empire waist that defines the waistline, some comes in straight cut with very little to no shape. For these shapeless pieces, wearing a belt is a great idea. A braided belt aligned with your belly button, not on your hips, is definitely flattering. Wide belts are also a good choice if you want a slimming effect. 

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Wear it with the perfect pants. 

Wide-leg, palazzo, and baggy pants are definitely a no-no when wearing a tunic top. It will make you bulky, sloppy, and most of all heavier. You can instead match your tunics with your fitted pants or leggings to creates a style that is most flattering. Jeans, are generally bulky but you can always opt to skinny jeans that hug the legs. 

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Match it with the right shoes. 

Of course, you have to finish of your look with the right footwear. Your footwear could either make or break your fab look, so you have to choose the perfect one for the outfit you’re aiming for. Sneakers can be worn for casual tunic t-shirts and sweaters, while flats can be paired with your tunics to get that casual laidback look. Heels can be worn if you want that polished and classy outfit. 

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Those are the basics, ladies. Now go and try on that tunic.  

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