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3 Ways to Wear a Sequin Dress at Daytime

3 Ways to Wear a Sequin Dress at Daytime | Lookbook Store

If there is something sparkly, shiny, and shimmery that makes a girl happy, it is probably no other than a good sequin dress. Surely no woman can resist the glow of a stunning sparkly dress. Maybe because it has the ability to give you your own Cinderella moment.

However, sequin dresses are mostly as worn only on New Year’s Eve, parties, and cocktails. But relax, gals. It’s 2018, and sequins are definitely in! Several fashionistas and bloggers have been flaunting their sequined street style since late 2016. The rules of the game have changed. And this year, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing sequins even on a bright summer day. In fact, it is considered fabulous to wear sequins at daytime these days.

Of course, some of you aren’t convinced yet. You might be hesitant because you’re thinking that sequins are too shiny for the day. Well, let us help you cast away those doubts. We’ve come up with three outfit inspirations on how to wear a sequin dress during the day. Read on and be amazed.

For work.

Wearing sequins at daytime is already tricky, and making it appropriate for work is another thing. But we are not saying that it is not possible. All you have to do is to pick a sequin dress with modest length. Keep away those minis and low-cuts for a while. Once the length is good, be sure that the color is on the neutral side. Go for blacks and nudes. Then play down your shine by layering your dress under a blazer or a cardigan with the same shade of color. Then accessorize with either knits, leathers, or a piece of modern jewelry. Remember to keep use colors from the same family for you to be able to create a sophisticated office look with a twist.

Champagne Sequined Short Sleeves Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

For a lunch date.

To be honest, sequins aren’t exactly romantic. They connote more of wild parties, disco, and long nights of dancing rather than a romantic lunch or a candlelit dinner. However, a careful choice of apparel and its material can turn things all around. Go for something that is made of chiffon or lace and embellished with floral sequins for an instantly romantic do. Perhaps a lacy dress with sleeves and modest length with a dash of sequins here and there will impress your man.

Champagne Floral Sequins Scallop-Hem Mesh Dress | Lookbook Store

For the weekend.

Thinking that you could wear anything you want on a weekend vacation mode, why not go for sequins? Did you know that a sexy silver sequined slip dress can be transformed into cute weekend OOTD? Just layer it over a white tee and add your white sneakers as well. Let the whole thing work together as you finish off your look with sunglasses and a cool backpack. This is best for a friends’ day out or an out-for-coffee outfit. 

Convinced now, ladies? Well, we did our job, now it’s time to do yours. Follow these inspos and a have a dazzling summer!

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