Thursday, 22 November 2018

Three Must-Haves for Women Who Loves to Power Dress

If there is one dressing up skill every fashionista should master, that would be power dressing. Power dressing is beautiful collaboration of an outfit that is smart and polished enough for corporate look, yet fabulous and stylish enough for you to express your personal style and preference. If you are the kind of girl who wants to make a statement in your workplace, then this list is for you. Keep scrolling and check out these three must-haves for power dressing.


A knit top has been proven to be totally classic. Why? No one could deny the classiness of this timeless piece. It is even perfect for any kind of day, whether you’re just chilling out with your colleagues or when you have meetings all lined up for the day. You can also dress it up or down any way you want. Wear it with a pencil skirt for an instant posh office look or match it with your tailored trouser when your activities call for a slightly relaxed look.


Instantly spice up your look by choosing a unique and chic outerwear. It may be a chic coat, a fab jacket, or a sleek blazer. A posh outerwear is definitely something you should never miss on your trip to the office if you want to add some elegant flavor to any of your look.


Combining corporate with casual vibes is easy when you have the right pair of jeans. If you are not in the office and you still want to look like a lady boss that you are, all you need is a pair of dark jeans. Opting to dark color is a good way to maintain your elegant and classy style, while the denim material will give your whole look that charming laidback touch. 

We can still go on with this list, but these are the three basics if you want power dressing on the go. Have all of these in your closet and you’ll be ready to conquer anything.

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