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Monday, 1 April 2019

A bodysuit is typically a piece of garment that is similar to a one-piece swimsuit and leotard. It usually covers your torso, hips, and often comes with hooks, buttons, or snaps in the crotch which allows wearing and taking it off possible. Typically, the most common purpose of a bodysuit is to have a “tucked in” top without having to worry about it becoming untucked. It offers a neat, seamless tucked in look.

Blouses, tunics, and tops are all great. But if you want to quit worrying about your tucked in look, then a bodysuit is a must-have for you. Bodysuits are pretty much versatile and they are perfect for skirts, jeans, shorts or anything. And if you still don’t have that go-to bodysuit, then you are missing out one of the most important staples in a fashionista’s closet. Worry not girls, because we did our homework and curated three bodysuits that are sure to keep you fab anytime!


Make your everyday look incredibly neat and comfy by opting for a bodysuit such as the one below. Henley bodysuits are perfect if you want to look casual but still want to maintain that sleek style. Try matching this with your denim shorts and sneakers and making a statement in your casual look will be a piece of cake.


Wearing a bodysuit with a classic neckline such as those that are collared or with surplice design is one of the easiest ways to be classy. Wear it with your tailored pants and stilettos, and voila –a timeless classy look.


Most bodysuits have the ability to make you look sexy no matter what they are paired with. But if you want to take your sexy look to a whole new level, go for a bodysuit with sexy necklines and cuts. However, if showing too much cleavage skin is not your thing, you could always go for bodysuits with sheer details. Check out this gorgeous example below.

There you go, girls! Stock up on these and never be afraid to flaunt those curves again.


Friday, 28 December 2018

Three Colors You’d Love to Try This Winter

Who wouldn’t agree when we say that each season, there are certain colors we prefer to wear? For sure, black is a no-brainer in cold season while white and other bright hues definitely scream summer. We often associate specific colors for each season, but of course, it would surely be fun to try something new. Not sticking with your usual colors this winter might require some guts, but trust us. It will make you a standout. So, read on and check out these three pretty colors you can try wearing this winter and how to incorporate them in your winter OOTDs.


Thursday, 22 November 2018

If there is one dressing up skill every fashionista should master, that would be power dressing. Power dressing is beautiful collaboration of an outfit that is smart and polished enough for corporate look, yet fabulous and stylish enough for you to express your personal style and preference. If you are the kind of girl who wants to make a statement in your workplace, then this list is for you. Keep scrolling and check out these three must-haves for power dressing.


A knit top has been proven to be totally classic. Why? No one could deny the classiness of this timeless piece. It is even perfect for any kind of day, whether you’re just chilling out with your colleagues or when you have meetings all lined up for the day. You can also dress it up or down any way you want. Wear it with a pencil skirt for an instant posh office look or match it with your tailored trouser when your activities call for a slightly relaxed look.


Instantly spice up your look by choosing a unique and chic outerwear. It may be a chic coat, a fab jacket, or a sleek blazer. A posh outerwear is definitely something you should never miss on your trip to the office if you want to add some elegant flavor to any of your look.


Combining corporate with casual vibes is easy when you have the right pair of jeans. If you are not in the office and you still want to look like a lady boss that you are, all you need is a pair of dark jeans. Opting to dark color is a good way to maintain your elegant and classy style, while the denim material will give your whole look that charming laidback touch. 

We can still go on with this list, but these are the three basics if you want power dressing on the go. Have all of these in your closet and you’ll be ready to conquer anything.


Saturday, 13 October 2018

4 Tips on How to Look Chic in that Tunic - Lookbook Store
If there is one worthy addition to a woman’s wardrobe that would ensure both comfort and style, that would surely be a tunic! Tunics are tops that are usually simple in design and has the length that stretches somewhere on the hip. Tunics or hip-length blouses, or whatever you call them are most of the time longer than most of women’s blouses but are shorter than dresses. 

This fun ensemble comes in different style, shapes, and lengths and can easily spice up your outfit when worn with fitted jeans. Wearing it the right way can give you that stylish, fun, and modern look. So read on, and check out these tips on how to get the most out of your tunic. 

Choose the most flattering tunic. 

Yes, tunics are meant to be loose, and they are supposed to billow and flow. They should not be snug and body-hugging. However, you should keep in mind that they should be fitted somewhere on the neck and bust, and flowy on the rest, so that you won’t look awkward and shapeless. If you want to look sexy in your tunic, try V-neck neck or plunging neck tunic shirt. 

Rose Pink Crochet Applique Long Sleeves Asymmetrical Top - Lookbook Store

Highlight your curves. 

Tunics come in different style. Some have an empire waist that defines the waistline, some comes in straight cut with very little to no shape. For these shapeless pieces, wearing a belt is a great idea. A braided belt aligned with your belly button, not on your hips, is definitely flattering. Wide belts are also a good choice if you want a slimming effect. 

Light Blue Roll Tab Sleeves Striped Pleated Button-Up Tunic - Lookbook Store

Wear it with the perfect pants. 

Wide-leg, palazzo, and baggy pants are definitely a no-no when wearing a tunic top. It will make you bulky, sloppy, and most of all heavier. You can instead match your tunics with your fitted pants or leggings to creates a style that is most flattering. Jeans, are generally bulky but you can always opt to skinny jeans that hug the legs. 

Black Asymmetrical Long Sleeves Loose Henley Tunic Top - Lookbook Store

Match it with the right shoes. 

Of course, you have to finish of your look with the right footwear. Your footwear could either make or break your fab look, so you have to choose the perfect one for the outfit you’re aiming for. Sneakers can be worn for casual tunic t-shirts and sweaters, while flats can be paired with your tunics to get that casual laidback look. Heels can be worn if you want that polished and classy outfit. 

Grey V-Neck Long Sleeves Color Block Pullover Tunic - Lookbook Store

Those are the basics, ladies. Now go and try on that tunic.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

When the weather finally starts to cool down, that’s when you know that autumn has arrived. Along with the transition of temperature also comes the transition in fashion. Of course, pretty dresses and sandals can still be worn. But they are often accompanied by a third piece. That’s why every fashionable girl needs to have a trusty set of outerwear.

Outerwear are surely the most essential part of cold-weather fashion. Yes, their major purpose is to keep us warm. But they are also made to make you look more fabulous and help you nail that weather-appropriate OOTD.
So, to give you some inspiration this fall, we’ve come up with these three outerwear pieces that you need to have this fall.


Denim jackets are totally cool, and they are you savior in summer when you need to wear something over your breezy dresses. Good news is that you don’t have to say goodbye to them in fall. Matching your denim jacket with fall pieces such as flannels, scarves, and knits or opting to darker colored denims can help you work it in fall. And when the weather gets colder, the right amount of layering can take your denim jacket through fall or even winter.


We may consider blazers as an essential for power-dressing. But the truth is that we’ve seen these pieces in countless street styles. Aside from the fact that they come in numerous styles such as tweed, plaid, wool, cropped, etc., they are considered as a magic piece that can instantly pull together any outfit. Take a camel or any light brown blazer for example. It won’t only brighten up your neutral outfits but will also add some classiness to your prints and patterns.

GRAPENT Women's Business Casual Buttons Pockets Open Front Blazer Suit Cardigan


Knit cardigans are definitely one of the key pieces for fall and winter. Wearing this cozy outerwear is perfect when people want to be in their warmest and most comfortable outfit, and still look chic and stylish. The easiest way to wear one is by putting on a slouchy cardigan over a simple tee and jeans for a super relaxed but trendy OOTD. 

Stock up on these, ladies! And you’ll surely be ready to be fab this fall.


Friday, 3 August 2018

Have you ever been told not to wear a certain color? To wear only specific set colors? Well, at one point of our life, all of us have been told to do so. And the reason? It is simply because a certain color is not good or flattering for your skin tone. We know it is kind of annoying especially if you like a certain color and it doesn’t fit you.

Good news, gals. It is 2018. And it seems that fashion rules have been on a continuous update. Though we can’t change that fact that thereare colors that do flatter you more than others, we can cheer up knowing that there are colors that are universally flattering no matter what your skin tone is. Check out this list of colors that looks good on almost everyone.


Purple, especially eggplant purple, is such a versatile and luxe shade. It is classic and can act just like any other neutral piece in your wardrobe. Go for purple if you want to start introducing color in your ensembles. It can effortlessly accentuate your skin tone without overpowering it.

Lookbook Store Purple Front Twist Knot Long Sleeves Crew Neck Blouse

Blush or light pink is definitely one of every girl’s favorite. And great news is that it is a universally flattering shade anyone can wear. More good news is that it naturally brightens any skin tone while bringing out your face’s natural glow. So never hesitate when you see another dress or top in this super pretty color.

Lookbook Store Deep Blush Crisscross Cutout Shoulder Blouse

Surprised? Don’t be. ‘Cause this color is universally flattering according to many stylists. It is not too cool and too warm making it great for any skin tone. Not only that. Red has that power that make you look confidence. So, the next time you spot a red top, like this one below, don’t think twice because you sure can slay it.

Lookbook Store Red 3/4 Bell Mesh Panel Sleeves V-Neckline Loose Top

These colors certainly flatter all skin tone simply because they have an equal balance of warm and cool tones. So, there you go. Wear these colors and be proud of your skin tone.


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Along with the leather jacket and a pair of denim jeans, another staple every woman should have in their wardrobe is the shift dress. A shift dress is usually designed to hang loose from the shoulder falling straight down and with no cinching at the waist. It’s a classic piece that is always flattering no matter what your body type is especially at time when you are having a “fat day”.

Shift dresses are super comfy to wear so they are definitely wonderful for summer. The only problem is that it can make you look plump at time because of its lack of waist and hip definition. But that’s nothing to worry about because it all comes down to styling and choosing the best one that will work for you.

So, we’ve come with these three completely chic shift dresses that are perfect for summer. Keep reading, and decide which one is best for you.


Opting to neutral colors especially dark tones is one of the easiest way to look classy. If that’s the case, it can be a bit of challenge during summer because we dread dark colors when it’s hot. Well, thanks to shift dresses we can wear our favorite dark hues without sweating too much. Look sophisticated as you choose a shift dress with modest length, slight sleeves, and classy details such as lace cutouts. This chic one below a charming example.


Are you the kind of girl who wants to be noticed all the time? Well, you better pick a shift dress in a bright color or bold pattern since shift dresses have very little shape or details. Something with an interesting cut and style such as this maxi shift dress in pastel color below will also do the trick. 


Not a fan of plain and simple dresses? You can always opt to printed shift dresses. Shift dresses with floral and other feminine prints are definitely a great choice for summer for it can instantly you’re your look more interesting and alive. You can effortlessly turn into an ultimate summer gal as you slip into a beautifully pattern shift dress. 

Shift dresses are timeless and are always figure-flattering, so you can never go wrong with them. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try one!


Thursday, 31 May 2018

3 Ways to Wear a Sequin Dress at Daytime | Lookbook Store

If there is something sparkly, shiny, and shimmery that makes a girl happy, it is probably no other than a good sequin dress. Surely no woman can resist the glow of a stunning sparkly dress. Maybe because it has the ability to give you your own Cinderella moment.

However, sequin dresses are mostly as worn only on New Year’s Eve, parties, and cocktails. But relax, gals. It’s 2018, and sequins are definitely in! Several fashionistas and bloggers have been flaunting their sequined street style since late 2016. The rules of the game have changed. And this year, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing sequins even on a bright summer day. In fact, it is considered fabulous to wear sequins at daytime these days.

Of course, some of you aren’t convinced yet. You might be hesitant because you’re thinking that sequins are too shiny for the day. Well, let us help you cast away those doubts. We’ve come up with three outfit inspirations on how to wear a sequin dress during the day. Read on and be amazed.

For work.

Wearing sequins at daytime is already tricky, and making it appropriate for work is another thing. But we are not saying that it is not possible. All you have to do is to pick a sequin dress with modest length. Keep away those minis and low-cuts for a while. Once the length is good, be sure that the color is on the neutral side. Go for blacks and nudes. Then play down your shine by layering your dress under a blazer or a cardigan with the same shade of color. Then accessorize with either knits, leathers, or a piece of modern jewelry. Remember to keep use colors from the same family for you to be able to create a sophisticated office look with a twist.

Champagne Sequined Short Sleeves Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

For a lunch date.

To be honest, sequins aren’t exactly romantic. They connote more of wild parties, disco, and long nights of dancing rather than a romantic lunch or a candlelit dinner. However, a careful choice of apparel and its material can turn things all around. Go for something that is made of chiffon or lace and embellished with floral sequins for an instantly romantic do. Perhaps a lacy dress with sleeves and modest length with a dash of sequins here and there will impress your man.

Champagne Floral Sequins Scallop-Hem Mesh Dress | Lookbook Store

For the weekend.

Thinking that you could wear anything you want on a weekend vacation mode, why not go for sequins? Did you know that a sexy silver sequined slip dress can be transformed into cute weekend OOTD? Just layer it over a white tee and add your white sneakers as well. Let the whole thing work together as you finish off your look with sunglasses and a cool backpack. This is best for a friends’ day out or an out-for-coffee outfit. 

Convinced now, ladies? Well, we did our job, now it’s time to do yours. Follow these inspos and a have a dazzling summer!

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